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Buz Gaden

Ask yourself why Hidden Depths are so popular, and you will no doubt all come to the same answer: The one and only Buz Fucking Gaden (BFG for short). Whether it be for his multi octave vocal range, unparalleled charisma, creative talent, male model good looks, or his brilliant business brain, Gaden has pushed Hidden Depths onward and upward since their formation in 2005.

    Born on 2nd July 1980, it was evident from day one that Buz was different (not different like a spacker, good different), and destined to become something very, very special.

    Buz started his now legendary solo career in 2002 with ‘Regeneration’, featuring the hit singles ‘Badge’ and ‘Vehicle’, as well as ‘Blue Jean Blues’ which you can hear a snippet of below.

“For me ‘Regeneration’ was the ideal starting point,” Buz told us “Not only did it give me invaluable experience of life in a fully equipped studio, but also of working with a professional producer. I feel this may have been the reason James begged me to take the role of ‘Executive Producer’ for the Hidden Depths work we would do in the years to follow. The album itself was a success, the production and songwriting being second to none, and it was a time of learning as I was still finding my voice, the unfettered roar and sonic wails had yet to be unleashed at this time.”

    After a short break, Buz gathered together another selection of tracks for his second solo CD, called ‘Feel The Buz’, released in 2004. Again, ‘Feel The Buz’ featured more hits, in the shape of ‘I Can’t Explain’, ‘Ace Of Spades’ and ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’, and showed a marked vocal improvement for Buz, who also produced and mixed the record at the Gaden’s home studio.

“For those that have heard ‘Feel The Buz’, they will know how much my voice had improved in such a short space of time,” Gaden explains “Whilst my brother was making his own insipid solo recordings, I was already becoming something of a revolutionary. ‘Stripped, Shaved, Shagged’, a key song on the record, featured a obvious parody vocal, which clearly influenced Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, who had a number of hits in a similar style around that time. As for the album’s production, I wanted to take the reins myself, and as a result there was a clear difference in the audio quality between the two CD’s”

    In 2005 Buz formed Hidden Depths, recruiting his older brother James as a favour.

    “From day one Hidden Depths was always about me,” Buz explained, his obvious authority, charisma and genius becoming even more apparent when meeting him in the flesh. “I was initially going to make a third solo album, as the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing with offers. However I decided to surprise everyone as usual, and approached James, as a favour to the family to help him out a bit, and he snapped my hand off!”

    As the duo wrote their self titled debut record, Buz showed his leadership and, to use a nauseating management term, he ‘thought outside the box’, and told James that as well as a CD, they would prepare a full blown promotional DVD. The result was ‘Buried Treasure’, which quickly propelled Hidden Depths from a basic rock duo to a multimedia colossus. This was all down to Buz and his forward thinking, it’s just what he does. He also continued to mine his blues influences with ‘Back On The High Road’, which you can sample below.

“Indeed it was I who ignored the standard rock band formula, and demanded better,” Buz explains “James, for all his lack of vocal talent and useful ideas, did come in handy by using his one skill, graphic design, to make our artwork stand out. The rest, the ideas, the vision, the blues, the soul, that was all brought in by me. He had a few pre-prepared soppy lyrics, and a few complete songs, but that was all.”

    After an exhaustive string of promotional meet and greets in the local public houses, and a low key 3 song set guest appearance at a friends party, Buz then made plans to produce an album for a female friend of his. This sadly never materialised, due to scheduling conflicts and artistic differences. With the rigours of this, and the pressure of leading Hidden Depths, Buz decided to take a break, to work on new songs in solitude. James meanwhile recorded an embarrassing tribute to his hero Roger Taylor of Queen, which was quickly forgotten.

    By 2009 though, Hidden Depths were back, bigger and badder than ever! A stunning new album ‘Believe The Hype’, coupled with the double DVD set ‘Depth Charge’ was met by huge critical acclaim. Once again, Buz had taken the lead, demanding more and getting it! Buz, with a new wardrobe of bad ass designer clothes, looked every inch the rock star, whilst his conservative elder brother looked like a poor man’s Robert Palmer.

“I pulled out all the stops at this stage in our careers,” Buz recounts with a twinkle in his eyes, and a smile developing on his devilishly handsome face  “I looked the part, I felt the part, and I delivered the goods on record and in film! I was in firm control of the day to day band issues, and continued to drive us forward. Both the album and DVD exceeded expectations, and I can look back on this era with fondness, especially my gargantuan contribution with the pop rock masterpiece ‘You Say What You Want’. And who can forget the Hidden Depths bobblehead figures for example? They were my idea, as were all of the monumental and successful band decisions that were made”.

    Buz is currently working on a third solo album, expected for release in 2013.

    “My next solo record will show my audience that my vocals are better than ever, despite being riddled with throat and tonsil infections throughout 2011/2012, which is why the album has taken slightly longer than expected to finish. It has been 11 years since ‘Regeneration’, which is quite staggering when you think about it!” Buz chuckles. “My desire and drive has never diminished though, and when people ask me where can I go after the success of ‘Believe The Hype’ and ‘Depth Charge’, then I simply say to them to have faith in me. I am a purveyor of quality, and have never let the fans down!”

    Hidden Depths may also re-emerge in 2013, with the brothers committing to another record, and the possibility of much, much more.

“I already have some ideas, which will show even more musical growth,” Buz explains, his overwhelming passion for the music still so inspiring. “During my layoff with my throat problems, I didn’t stand still. I got into meditating, which I guess means I have to be still, but I’m laying, not standing. Anyway you know what I mean! During this meditation, my mind has gone to new places, and have given me ideas my conscious mind may not have conjured up. It’s an exciting time for me, as I want to explore more lyrically, and try different musical style’s. Maybe though we’ll just rock out, or maybe not. You’ll just have to see and expect the unexpected!”.

    Buz’s influence and creative exploits are certainly something to be proud of.

    “When Hidden Depths were invited backstage at a Queen & Paul Rodgers show in 2008, Paul’s wife/manager Cynthia bypassed James completely to say to me ‘Paul is dying to meet you!’. It’s that kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile!” Buz grins. “Since the formation of Hidden Depths I’ve mingled with Roger Daltrey, Ronnie Wood, Alice Cooper, KISS, Deep Purple, Status Quo, and even WWE wrestlers! It’s being a rollercoaster ride already, but believe me it’s only just getting going!”

    The future is indeed bright for Hidden Depths, thanks to the very unique and talented man, known as Buz Fucking Gaden!

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