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Determined to take music and the entertainment business by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake, Hidden Depths formed in 2005 to become the standard bearers of their own genre, pompous-rock.
Taking a look at their competition, who offered little more than two track acoustic demos in handwritten sleeves, Hidden Depths deemed themselves to simply be better, and released a full length original album featuring ten songs, with a sixteen page colour insert and companion documentary ‘Buried Treasure’ to set out their stall.

The debut album featured a Louisiana blues work out in the form of ‘Back On The High Road’, a hook laden heartbreak ballad ‘Stephanie’, the upbeat pop rock of the title track and the no-nonsense sabre rattling of ‘Watch Your Back Jack’ among the plethora of gems on offer.

As a companion piece, the ‘Buried Treasure’ documentary offered insight into the formation taking place, covering both brother’s previous recorded work, stunning archive photos from the family vaults, interviews and live performances. It was lauded as an immediate success and the world and it’s dog craved for more.

James took time out to record his ‘Taylor Made’ EP (a nod to one of his musical inspirations, Queen member Roger Taylor) and the brothers embarked on trying to follow up such a classic debut.

This they succeeded in doing, and 2009 saw ‘Believe The Hype’ deliver everything promised... and then some. Making the timeless debut album now look quite weak, ‘Believe The Hype’ is a scorching collection of thirteen of the best songs you’ve ever heard. On top of that, a bigger, better and wilder DVD two disk companion set, called ‘Depth Charge’ was simultaneously released, proving once again, that Hidden Depths just do it bigger and better than anyone else.

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