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Hidden Depths - ‘Hidden Depths’ (CD album 2005)

Internet Love / Between You And Me / Stephanie / I Don't Wanna Go / My Kind Of Deja Vu / Hidden Depths / Watch Your Back Jack / Is There A Way / Tale Of Two People / Back On The High Road

Buz Gaden: “Although I had carved out a very promising solo career for myself, I yearned to be in an actual rock group. Hidden Depths was the perfect way to do this, and with this first record I had clearly proven what I could do in a hard rock environment. Check out the raw aggression of ‘Between You And Me’, the emotional ‘Is There A Way’ and the blues masterclass of ‘Back On The High Road’. I hit sublime high notes not heard since the glory days of Robert Plant and Ian Gillan in the 1970’s, and completely put my limited sidekick brother in the shade.”

James Gaden: “Once I decided I wanted to make a record, I pioneered the process by recording my first ever solo album, ‘Story Of My Life’, without using a single chord. This was too radical for Joe Public, so I had to reign in my brilliance and go for something more conventional. Teaming up with Buz seemed like a good idea, because his mundane offerings would counteract my genius and distill it into something palatable for one of the typical wretches who check out what we do. The resulting album was ok - my star shone brightest on the amazing title track which I wrote in one sitting, but ‘Stephanie’ is also resplendent with a hook of Everest-like proportions. I’m quite fond of ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ as well - but only the second verse and chorus, because Buz begged to sing the first one and failed miserably.”

Hidden Depths - ‘Believe The Hype’ (CD album 2009)

She Wants My Money / Baggage Handler / Boiling Point / Friend Zone / You Say What You Want / Make You Mine / Spectator Sport / Easy To See / You Bring Me Down / Burning Ambition / Word Of Warning / Living The Dream / Those Lookers Are Hookers

Buz Gaden: “The question was raised as to how Buz Gaden could top his incredible performance on the first record, but I most certainly did on ‘Believe The Hype’. I’d matured as a vocalist and as a writer. I didn’t feel the need to let rip with sonic wails in every song, I put in a much more controlled and emotive performance instead. My ear splitting scream in ‘You Bring Me Down’ proves I can still steal the show at any given time, but I found it much more satisfying singing what were predominantly my own lyrics. James’ efforts on the debut were the ravings of a lonely, pathetic, tortured soul, that I had to try and relate to. Not this time though, better songs, better lyrics and better vocals from The Bad Ass. A fantastic album, which is going to be a real challenge to top.”

James Gaden: “Ah - the difficult second album. Well, it’s difficult for most acts, but not for Hidden Depths. I simply decided I’d write better songs than the last batch. We put together a theme for the album, and I wrote the vast majority asking Buz to cough up the odd syllable here and there when I was tired. He offered a couple of rip offs which I had to polish up into unrecognisible gems in order to avoid lawsuits. I performed magnificently, laying down all the instrumentation save for one pathetic bit of noodling Buz insisted on including, in his pop-by-numbers effort ‘You Say What You Want’. Thank God I could bring that up to my standard. I meshed it in with dancefloor filler ‘Spectator Sport’ and ‘Make You Mine’, while still keeping my rock chops in shape on things like ‘Boiling Point’ and ‘She Wants My Money’. It’s a staggering opus which laughs in the face of our so called competition, then offers them the number for the Samaritans.”

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