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Due to staggering demand, Hidden Depths proudly offer you the following clips from their acclaimed double DVD set ‘Depth Charge’. Copies are still available from the Hidden Depths Merchandise section.

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The official trailer for the 60 minute documentary that made up half of the Depth Charge double DVD set, which was released to accompany the ‘Believe the Hype’ album in 2009.

The documentary team explore Hidden Depth’s uncanny knack for creating headlines, showing you some prime examples along the way.

Hidden Depths chose to play their new material in an exclusive show at the House Of Blues in the U.S. Many A-list celebrities gave their genuine comments. We can’t guarantee they weren’t taken massively out of context, but the clips are certainly genuine.

Upon conducting a solo interview with the documentary team, Buz incurs James’ wrath and James furiously offers the film-makers access to archive footage in order to prove who the dominant force in Hidden Depths is... even if the footage is less than authentic.

Hidden Depths hit a bump in the road when they can’t seem to agree on who the driving force behind the project is. The cameras were rolling to catch the whole thing.

Hidden Depths performing their track ‘She Wants My Money’ live at the KC Stadium, courtesy of some self taught video editing skills, a home made green screen, a single camcorder and a “We can do anything” attitude.