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As stated in the Music section, when I rebuilt this website, I decided one of the things I really needed to redo was some of the music on here. I didn’t really feel the stuff on here was up to snuff, so I decided to make an EP of brand new recordings concentrating on my roots - which meant going back to my biggest and longest standing influence, Roger Taylor. I found some superbly programmed midi files of songs Roger wrote for Queen or himself, and I used these to create my own arrangements, and did the lead and backing vocals, the mix, everything myself. These recordings feature nothing but me and represent the first thing I recorded that received a good response. The general consensus is ‘Foreign Sand’ is the best of the bunch, so that is available for you to see what you think!
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As karaoke started this whole thing about me wanting to be a singer, I thought I’d throw a few live recordings up for downloading. ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ was recorded at The Turnpike in Hull way back in 2002 by the DJ direct from his booth. ‘Burning Love’ is sort of an official bootleg, recorded live at The Railway in Cottingham in 2004, via an mp3 player in the audience. All are exactly as they were on the night, nothing added, nothing taken away. It baffles me that popular “professional” pop singers and artists will mime, yet a keen amateur like myself does it live or not at all.





Because “Story Of My Life” could have been a lot better, and may well get re-worked in the future, I’ve decided nobody else will hear it who didn’t first time around (although there is a brief clip of how horrendous it was on the Hidden Depths site!) However, “Have You Heard The News” will not be re-done, despite the fact that I think I could do a far better job now. I now have better recording equipment, more knowledge and a better voice, but I might as well try and do something new instead of re-recording songs already done by someone else. Here’s the most popular cut from ‘Have You Heard The News”:


I‘m still proud of Hidden Depths’ debut album, even though my learning curve continues and I’ve learned a lot since then. The album was our first attempt using proper recording software. Even though we moved on considerably from this with the follow up ‘Believe The Hype’, there were a couple of okay moments on the first record. Granted, they were dwarfed by the number of horrendous, cringe-worthy and just plain bad moments, but you live and learn. Two of the more listenable efforts are presented here: I Don’t Wanna Go’ was penned by yours truly and features Buz singing the first part and me the rest, and the title song ‘Hidden Depths’ is me on lead vocals, Buz backing. Those two are a combination of my amateurish playing and loops from Garageband itself.



In my continuing efforts musically, I spent some more time in Garageband with some backing tracks, to see if I could put into practice a few more production tricks I picked up along the way. I picked some songs I’ve often done at karaoke, and tried to capture them at home. It was a world of difference singing songs I’m used to hearing in a live setting in a sterile home studio environment, but these ones below I ended up pretty happy with. I also think it’s important to have a go if I’m reviewing stuff by professionals. How anybody, who can’t play anything, sing at all or has never tried to record anything musically can critique a band with a fan base and a record deal is beyond me.
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You may have seen in the Music section that my brother Buz and I teamed up to form Hidden Depths, a rock act with a penchant for comedy on the side. ‘Believe The Hype’ was our second album and was completely written by the two of us. I programmed or played all the instruments and the vocals were handled by Buz or myself. The album was accompanied by our spoof DVD ‘Depth Charge’ which chronicled us in character touring ‘Believe The Hype’ to adoring fans everywhere, all filmed in mock documentary format. For more on Hidden Depths and a site which will almost certainly make you laugh somewhere down the line, click the Hidden Depths tab up top. But first, enjoy the first track from ‘Believe The Hype’, my song ‘She Wants My Money’.
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