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Issue 51

Interview with Rich Ward

Interview with Tom Galley

Interview with Jeff Paris

Issue 50 was always going to be a hard act to follow, but we managed it anyway, because that’s what we do! I did three interviews for this one... the first was with Rich Ward, a musician I’ve liked for some time. He’s the guitarist in Fozzy, whom as you know from my interview with Chris Jericho I am a big fan of. Rich released a fantastic solo album a few years back and is now a member of a superb new band called Walking With Kings. They are starting from scratch and have given their first album away for free. It happens to be brilliant, so I was granted a chat with Rich to promote it. After that, I spoke to the mastermind behind the rock concept albums under the name of Phenomena. These albums featured people like Glenn Hughes, Brian May, members of Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and loads of other great acts. It was masterminded by ex-Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley’s brother Tom. As a fan of all the albums, I had a great chat with Tom about not just the new record, but all the old ones too. Finally, I caught up with the superb singer/songwriter Jeff Paris, who as well as doing his own great stuff which I love, has written songs for all kinds of great artists... including a track for David Hasselhoff for Baywatch. Enough said!




Issue 52

Interview with Robert Hart

I only did one interview this time around, but it was a good one! The subject this time was Robert Hart, who is best remembered as Bad Company’s vocalist before they reunited with Paul Rodgers. However, I’ve always liked Robert’s work - I have everything he’s ever done, including the Jones Gang album he did with the likes of Kenney Jones and Ronnie Wood. Robert had been on my interview wish list for a few years but I had never had any chance to hook up with him. However, thanks to my Retrospective feature I’ve been doing, I finally had the opportunity to speak to Robert, and cover every album of his career. Well worth waiting for!


Issue 53

Interview with Michael Des Barres

Interview with Rudy Sarzo

Interview with Randy Bachman

Interview with Ian Gillan

Interview with Blackmore’s Night

Issue 53 was quite a special one for me. I got to have another great chat with the delightful Michael Des Barres again, this time to coincide with his superb album ‘Carnaby Street’. Legendary bass player Rudy Sarzo, who played with the likes of Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne, talked to me at length about his time on tour with Ozzy, documented on the ‘Speak Of The Devil’ DVD. Bachman turner Overdrive mastermind Randy Bachman talked to me at length to Bachman-Turners excellent live concert DVD and CD release ‘Live At The Roseland Ballroom’ and I had a brief email chat with Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan. The icing on the cake though was an interview with Blackmore’s Night - Ritchie Blackmore spans a large part of my record collection thanks to his work with Deep Purple and Rainbow, so to get chance to talk to him and his lovely partner Candice was fantastic. We got on well and it turned out to be a bit of an epic - five pages in total! It was made even sweeter that it was an exclusive - Ritchie won’t talk to any other UK magazine other than Fireworks!







Issue 54

Interview with Joanne Shaw Taylor

Interview with Knock Out Kaine

Interview with Myke Gray

Interview with Glenn Hughes

Freddie Mercury Retrospective

I spoke to the delightful Joanne Shaw Taylor this issue, a great blues rock guitarist whose newest album ‘Almost Always Never’ really impressed me. I talked Dean Foxx, lead singer with up and coming rockers Knock Out Kaine about their debut album, as well as chatting to Skin and Red White and Blues guitarist Myke Gray about the rigours of touring intermittently with two different bands. I also had a great trip to London where I was invited to the premiere of the Freddie Mercury documentary ‘The Great Pretender’. It wasn’t all hobnobbing with the celebrities there, I did have to do some work, which was an interview with the documentary’s driving force, director Rhys Thomas. The likes of Bob Mortimer and Noel Fielding were also on hand to offer their thoughts. Then, literally the next morning, I was sat in a hotel talking to Glenn Hughes again about the awesome new Black Country Communion record ‘Afterglow’. All good stuff!








And here I present yet more interviews I have conducted from the hallowed pages of Fireworks. One web page simply wasn’t going to be enough!

Issue 55

Interview with Chris Jericho

When you look back to my first ever face to face interview, with WWE Superstar Chris Jericho, it’s pretty cool to say that Issue 55 featured my fourth interview with him. Chris is always good value - the biggest problem I have is because I’ve followed his career so closely and have read his autobiographies, watched his DVDs, own all his albums and see him weekly on WWE TV shows, I’m sometimes stuck for what to ask him! I managed though, and we talked at length about Fozzy’s superb album ‘Sin And Bones’.



Issue 56

Interview with Eric Martin
Interview with Justin Hayward

Another ambition achieved here - although I met him once in London, I’d always wanted to interview one of my favourite singers, Eric Martin. He’s not only the lead singer with my favourite band Mr Big, he also has done some great solo records, one of my favourites being ‘Somewhere in The Middle’. When Eric decided to play the whole album live at a concert, it was a perfect opportunity to talk to him about it and I had a blast, being on the phone with him for over an hour! I also had a great chat with Moody Blues legend Justin Hayward, who was busy promoting his latest solo album ‘Spirits Of The Western Sky’.




Issue 58

Interview with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night
Interview with Francis Rossi

Interview with Ian Gillan

Back in Issue 53, I interviewed Ritchie Blackmore and his lovely wife Candice Night. That was one I had previously had on my list of “love to interview but doubt it’ll ever happen”, so imagine my delight when I got a second one for Issue 58! Candice was entertaining as ever, Ritchie was very talkative and the interview was great - I even spoke to their two year old daughter Autumn! Keeping the Deep Purple theme, I talked to ian Gillan about Purple’s superb return to form album ‘Now What?!’ Finally, I had yet another fun talk with Status Quo legend Francis Rossi about their album and film package ‘Bula Quo’, making up for Fireworks 57 being a rare issue without any interviews from me!





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Issue 59

Interview with Marcus Bonfanti
Interview with Tony Martin

Interview with Sammy Hagar

This issue saw me speak to blues-rocker Marcus Bonfanti about his new album, before hooking up again with former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin to talk about his time in the band. I also had chance to talk again with the Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar, who was promoting his ‘Sammy Hagar And Friends’ album. To talk to him once was cool, to do it twice is awesome!



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Issue 60

Interview with Chris Norman
Interview with Joe Bonamassa

I was sent the new solo album by ex-Smokie vocalist Chris Norman and it impressed me greatly, so I was only to happy to interview him about it. He was great and I ended up invited to go and see the album showcase in London. Chris and his band were excellent and I got to meet him afterwards, as evidenced in the Social Circles section. I also chatted blues guitar hero Joe Bonamassa, about his staggering feat of playing four sold out shows in London on four consecutive nights... with four different bands in four different venues!