Foreigner – series of interviews covering albums and tours, with founder and guitarist Mick Jones, and vocalist Kelly Hansen

Foreigner’s Mick Jones talking about the ‘Alive And Rocking’ DVD, Issue 30

Foreigner’s Mick Jones and Kelly Hansen discuss the ‘Can’t Slow Down’ album, Issue 39

Foreigner’s Kelly Hansen on the ‘Can’t Slow Down… When It’s Live’ DVD, Issue 46

Foreigner’s Kelly Hansen on the ’With 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus’ live album, Issue 83

Fozzy – series of interviews with lead singer and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho

Fozzy’s Chris Jericho on the ‘All That Remains’ album, Issue 21

Fozzy’s Chris Jericho on the ‘Chasing The Grail’ album, Issue 40

Fozzy’s Chris Jericho on the ‘Remains Alive’ album, Issue 47

Fozzy’s Chris Jericho on the ’Sin And Bones’ album, Issue 55

Fozzy’s guitarist Rich Ward on the Walking With Kings band, Issue 51

Fozzy’s Chris Jericho on the ’Judas’ album, Issue 81

Francis Rossi – interviews with Status Quo guitarist on his solo work

Francis Rossi discussing his solo album ‘One Step At A Time’, Issue 40

Francis Rossi discussing his solo DVD ‘One Night At St Lukes’, Issue 45

Francis Rossi discussing his album, spoken word tour and autobiography ‘I Talk Too Much’, Issue 86

Freddie Mercury Retrospective – a report from my attendence at the premiere of the Freddie Mercury documentary ‘The Great Pretender’ in London, interviewing director Rhys Thomas, along with guests on the night including Bob Mortimer and Noel Fielding

Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender, Issue 54


Glenn Hughes – series of interviews about Glenn’s prolific solo career outside of Black Country Communion

Glenn Hughes on his ’This Time Around’ anthology, Issue 30

Glenn Hughes on his ‘First Underground Nuclear Kitchen’ album, Issue 32

Glenn Hughes on his solo world tour with Doug Alrich, and support Jared James Nichols, Issue 71

Glenn Hughes on his solo album ‘Resonate’, Issue 77

Gracious Few – US rock group featuring members of Candlemass and Live

The Gracious Few, Issue 43

Gregory Darling – pianist and song writer discussing his solo album ‘Shell’

Gregory Darling, Issue 28


Heaven And Earth – guitarist Stuart Smith talks about their ‘Hard To Kill’ album

Heaven And Earth, Issue 82

Heaven And Hell – ex Black Sabbath members reunited, discussing their album and DVD

Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler talks about ’The Devil You Know’ album, Issue 36

Drummer Vinny Appice discusses Ronnie James Dio and the ‘Live At Wacken’ DVD, Issue 43

Huey Lewis And The News – Huey discusses the band’s album ‘Soulsville’

Huey Lewis, Issue 43 

Hugh Cornwell – the ex-Stranglers frontman on his ‘Hoover Dam’ release

Hugh Cornwell, Issue 32


Ian Gillan – the Deep Purple singer talks about his solo work

Ian Gillan on the ‘One Eye To Morocco’ album, Issue 36

Ian Gillan on the ‘Who Cares’ charity album, Issue 53

Ian Gillan on the Gillan vinyl reissues, Issue 76


Jeff Scott Soto – the ex-Journey vocalist talks about his albums ‘Damage Control’ and ‘SOTO’

Jeff Scott Soto on ‘Damage Control, Issue 50

Jeff Scott Soto on ‘SOTO’, Issue 68

Jeff Paris – the singer/song writer looks back on his career and his charity single ‘One Family’

Jeff Paris, Issue 51

Jimi Jamison – the Survivor vocalist on his Memphis Blood project and leaving Survivor

Jimi Jamison, Issue 27

Jimmy Barnes – the Australian star talks about his ‘Hindsight’ album

Jimmy Barnes, Issue 67

Jim Peterik – the Survivor keyboard player and song writer talks about his solo CD ‘Above The Storm’

Jim Peterik, Issue 24

Joanne Shaw Taylor – the blues guitarist and singer discusses her albums ‘Almost Always Never’ and ‘The Dirty Truth’

Joanne Shaw Taylor on ‘Almost Always Never’, Issue 54

Joanne Shaw Taylor on ‘The Dirty Truth’, Issue 66

Joe Bonamassa – the blues guitar hero on his 4 DVD live set ‘Tour De Force’

Joe Bonamassa, Issue 60

Joe Lynn Turner – series of interviews with the Rainbow and Deep Purple vocalist on his solo albums and projects

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the ‘Usual Suspects’ album, Issue 20

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the ’Sunstorm’ album, Issue 25

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the ’Second Hand Life’ album, Issue 28

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the Sunstorm ‘House Of Dreams’ album, Issue 36

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the ‘Rescue You’ album, Issue 45

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the Mother’s Army albums, Issue 47

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the Sunstorm ‘Emotional Fire’ album, Issue 50

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the ‘Rated X’ album, Issue 67

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the Rewind Festival, Issue 70

Joe Lynn Turner talks about the Sunstorm ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ CD and Rainbow, Issue 75

Jon Stevens – interviews with the former INXS singer

Jon Stevens, on his albums ‘Changing Times’ and ‘Testify’, Issue 49

Jon Stevens, full career retrospective, Issue 84

Justin Hayward – the Moody Blues vocalist on his solo album ‘Spirits Of The Western Sky’

Justin Haywood, Issue 56

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