Karina – Norweigan rock singer talks about her debut album ‘Rebellion’

Karina, Issue 66

Kerry Ellis – West End star discusses the ‘Acoustic By Candlelight’ album recorded with Brian May

Kerry Ellis, web interview on

King Company – Finnish rock band’s vocalist Mirka Rantanan discusses their debut album 

King Company, Issue 76

Knock Out Kaine – British rock band’s vocalist Dean Foxx on their album ‘House Of Sins’

Knock Out Kaine, Issue 54


Lindsay Buckingham – the Fleetwood Mac legend talks about his solo album ‘Seeds We Sow’

Lindsay Buckingham, Issue 48

Laura Cox – French guitar player and singer discusses her album ‘Burning Bright’

Laura Cox, Issue 89


Marcus Bonfanti – blues guitarist talks about his album ‘Shake The Walls’

Marcus Bonfanti, Issue 59

Matti Alfonzetti – Swedish former Jagged Edge vocalist talks about his album ‘Here Comes The Night’ 

Matti Alfonzetti, Issue 49

Matt Schofield – blues guitarist discusses his album ‘Far As I Can See’

Matt Schofield, Issue 62

Michael Ball – the songer talks about his album ‘Coming Home To You’

Michael Ball, taken from the official Fan Club magazine ‘On The Ball’ Issue 75

Michael Des Barres – the singer and actor discusses the Chequered Past band, and his albums ‘Carnaby Street’ and ‘Key To The Universe’

Michael Des Barres on Chequered Past, Issue 49

Michael Des Barres on ‘Carnaby Street’, Issue 53

Michael Des Barres on ’The Key To The Universe’, Issue 70

Extended full length Rocktopia version of ‘The Key To The Universe’ interview

Michael Thompson – the legendary session guiarist talks about the Michael Thompson Band albums 

Michael Thompson, Issue 50

Mr Big – bassist Billy Sheehan talks about the album ‘…The Stories We Could Tell’ and drummer Pat Torpey discusses ‘Defying Gravity’

Mr Big, Issue 65

Mr Big, Issue 79

Mortland guitar player Andy Shortland talks about the band’s debut album 

Mortland, Issue 89

Murray Head looks back across his career in theatre and as a recording artist

Murray Head, Issue 87

Myke Gray – guitarist for Skin and Red White & Blues discusses his career

Myke Gray, Issue 83


Nazareth – guitarist Pete Agnew discusses the band’s album ‘Big Dogz’

Nazareth, Issue 46


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