Parlotones – the South African band’s singer Kahn talks about the album ‘Stand Like Giants’

The Parlotones, Issue 64

Patti Russo – the Meat Loaf vocalist talks about going solo, performing with Queen and Cher

Patti Russo, Issue 63

Paul Gilbert – the Mr Big guitarist discusses his ‘Stone Pushing Uphill Man’ album

Paul Gilbert, Issue 65

Paul Lamb – blues rock guitarist talking about his ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ album

Paul Lamb, Issue 63

Paul Rodgers – the Bad Company, Free and Queen vocalist talks about his soul album ‘The Royal Sessions’

Paul Rodgers, Issue 62



Red White and Blues – ex-Skin guitarist Myke Gray talks about his new band

Red, White and Blues, Issue 49

Rhino’s Revenge – Status Quo’s John ‘Rhino’ Edwards discusses his second Rhino’s Revenge CD

Rhino’s Revenge, Issue 72

Richie Kotzen – the guitarist and singer talks about his solo album ‘Cannibals’

Richie Kotzen, Issue 69

Rick Springfield – the singer and actor talks about his album ‘Rocket Science’

Rick Springfield, Issue 75

Robert Hart – the ex-Bad Company singer talks about his career, and his band Diesel

Robert Hart on his career, Issue 52

Robert Hart on Diesel, Issue 64

Robert Hart ‘Unsung Heroes’ career feature, Issue 77

Roger Glover – the Deep Purple bass player on his solo album ‘If Life Was Easy’

Roger Glover, Issue 47

Ronnie Wood – the Rolling Stones legend discusses his solo album ‘I Feel Like Playing’

Ronnie Wood, Issue 47

Ron Young – the Little Caesar singer talks about reforming the band and his cameo in ‘Terminator 2’

Ron Young, Issue 41

Rudy Sarzo – the former Whitesnake bassist talks about his stint backing Ozzy Osbourne

Rudy Sarzo, Issue 53


Sammy Hagar – the former Van Halen vocalist discusses his album ‘Sammy Hagar & Friends’

Sammy Hagar, Issue 59

Sass Jordan – career retrospective feature on the Canadian songstress 

Sass Jordan, Issue 80

Shaman’s Harvest – vocalist Nathan Hunt explains the story behind the ‘Red Hands, Black Deeds’ album

Shaman’s Harvest, Issue 80

Stan Bush – the singer talks about his album ‘In This Life’ and how Transformers changed his life

Stan Bush, Issue 28

Starship – lead singer Mickey Thomas looks back at ‘Love Among The Cannibals’ and the album ‘Loveless Fascination’ 

Starship, Issue 61

Status Quo – series of interviews discussing various albums and tours

Status Quo interview with Rick Parfitt, about the album ’The Party Ain’t Over Yet’, Issue 22

Status Quo interview with Francis Rossi, about the album ‘In Search Of The Fourth Chord’, Issue 30

Status Quo interview with Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan, about the ‘Live At The BBC’ box set, Issue 43

Status Quo interview with Francis Rossi, about the album ‘Quid Pro Quo’, Issue 46

Status Quo interview with John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, about the ‘Quofest’ tour, Issue 48

Status Quo interview with Francis Rossi, about the film and album ‘Bula Quo’, Issue 58

Status Quo interview with Rick Parfitt, about the ‘Frantic Four’ reunion tour, Issue 62

Status Quo interview with Francis Rossi, about the album ‘Aquostic’, Issue 66

Status Quo interview with Rick, about the album and DVD ‘Aquostic At The Roundhouse’, Issue 69

Status Quo interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, about the ‘Accept No Substitute’ set, Issue 73

Status Quo interview with Francis Rossi, about ‘Aquostic II’, Issue 76

Status Quo interview with Francis Rossi and Andy Bown, about ‘Backbone’, Issue 88

Stevie Salas – the guitarist talks about his solo collection ‘The Sun and The Earth’ and about his time as guitarist for Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger

Stevie Salas, Issue 28


Ted Nugent – the controversial guitar player discusses his album ‘Shutup&Jam!’

Ted Nugent, Issue 65

Thunder – interviews with the beloved British rock band

Thunder – Luke Morley talks about the band’s album ‘Rip It Up’, Issue 78

Thunder – Danny Bowes and Luke Morley discuss the album ‘Please Remain Seated’, Issue 85

Thunder – Danny Bowes talks about the band’s ‘Greatest Hits’ collection, Issue 88

Treana Morris – the singer looks back on her career, working with Queen and composing for television

Treana Morris, Issue 88

The Treatment – interview with the UK rockers drummer Dhani Mansworth about their album ‘Let It Begin’

The Treatment, Issue 75

Tom Fuller – interview with the singer/song writer about his album ‘Abstract Man’

Tom Fuller, Issue 35

Tom Galley – interview with the man behind the ‘Phenomena’ rock concept albums

Tom Galley, Issue 35

Tony Martin – series of interviews with the ex-Black Sabbath singer about various projects

Tony Martin on his solo album ’Scream, Issue 24

Tony Martin on Mollo/Martin album ‘The Third Cage’, Issue 50

Tony Martin on his time with Black Sabbath and ‘The Eternal Idol’, Issue 59

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